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Update 15oct20

hi @ M.S. C/o Neil please

I think during this process there has been some wires crossed in past correspondence

some from my partner chatting online to you guys and-also below from Ashley

Neil please see attached a CAD design drawing + 2 fotos of the opening where a woodburner would fit

if you encounter any problems viewing ether this email or the photos. Please click on this link

my question to your office on the 8th Oct [ where Ashley replied below]

that the suggested Ruby model could sit on as little as 12mm stone slab

even though the suggested 12mm stone slab was laid over floorboards

but your office said yesterday [ via the webchat portal to my partner Lesley ]

that a minimum requirement of 450mm from any combustible material was required

I assume that this is meant as naked bare combustible wood or material?

and not affecting the floorboards under a 12mm thick stone slab

In the REGS it states that if a fire / woodburner outputs less than 100c at the base…

a stone slab of no less than 12mm will suffice

What is the minimum distance aloud between the cheeks of the stone opening [ sides front & back] and a woodburner?

and do either the Ruby or the Quattro burn hotter than 100 degrees c at their base?

I thinking we’d also if poss like to go for the Quattro rather than the Ruby

please advise

please reply and let me know that you have received this email and fotos or

if you needed to use the weblink as above. It took some days for your office to let me that the fotos did not appear



Subject: Ruby [ hearth depth ]

hi hello at Modern Stoves

RE: Hearth depth and combustible material. Ruby 8KW multifuel

I’m picking this up from my partner lesley whom you have been chatting with online Friday/ Saturday

I’ve been looking at the specs for the Ruby in your range, and wondering if you can help

In some of the Regs it says that if the burner / fire doesn’t reach a temperature of a 100c at its base…

[ some burners advertise logs below! surely they are combustible?]

…One only needs a hearth depth of 12mm. Wondering, is this the case with the Ruby?

Please c att. fotos of the gap/ recess. thought-I’d leave the carpet there, lol

Our proposed purchase of the Ruby

[ please advise of stock as we are looking to purchase today / tom… as soon as we can establish our parts list]

the Ruby’s front-door would sit in line with the stone wall. The remainder tucked into the void

From the front face of the Ruby… we would create a hearth 150mm+ either side, and a depth of 250mm front to back

with a metal or hardwood upstand to catch any ash / embers sparks from logs etc protruding out at the front

Regards .roly

this would be our 3rd bit-of-kit from you now… there’s just less clutter on the front of your burners

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