Brixham Pirate Festival Discussion

Brixham Pirate Festival discussion

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OK no problem.

From: Roly Butler TOCIB.UK []
Sent: 29 April 2019 19:42
To: 'Bazz and Rose Cooper'
Subject: RE: Pirate gig on May S|aturday 4th May/ ok lets pull the plug

Bazz hi

totally understand

let’s pull the plug on the gig then

all the best to you and the band… have a good one

regards .roly

MD and owner of the old coaching inn brixham torbay devon uk

From: Bazz and Rose Cooper <>
Sent: 29 April 2019 16:45
To: Roly Butler TOCIB.UK <>
Subject: RE: Pirate gig on May S|aturday 4th May/

Hi Roly

Just a quick one as I’m a bit concerned. I have been informed that you have not contributed to the festival as yet which means that you will not have the all important window sticker.

This puts us in a bit of an awkward position as many of the festival goers are already talking about boycotting pubs and shops that do not have the sticker displayed. It also means we can’t promote the Saturday evening gig on the main festival Facebook page.

I know when we spoke that you said you had supported the festival in previous years and were disappointed that nothing ever happened down your end of town. However this year we are making an effort to perform for you and are willing to do a bit of busking in the afternoon to drum up trade for you.

Obviously it is your choice but I fear that if you don’t have the window sticker saying you are supporting the festival, we will not be attracting any of the festival goers to our gig.

It also means we will not be viewed in a good light by the organisers if we perform at a venue that isn’t supporting the festival, and we may not be asked back again next year.

Not wishing to de difficult, but as I’m sure you will appreciate, it does make things very difficult for us.



The Pirates of St. Piran


hello Russell

thank you for your prompt response

FYI we The O.C.I. have now contributed/ made a donation to BPF

Please advise as to when can I expect my official window sticker please?

as the weekend is approaching

I have checked with my past and current staff… and they have confirmed that no receipt has been handed inn

and I checked with them and they know pete

all likewise things are left in the office area, in the bar… so perhaps this slipped pete’s mind

So please can you provide copy of that receipt… and forward this to me

[ a scanned-in image would be fine to save time]

The OCI shall be publishing a PR statement to reduce damage limitation on this business

and wondering why when you asked for more details via Facebook…

you didn’t inform me that a donation had to be made prior!

this would have avoided cancelling the gig with the PoSP and as he now fells that playing here would be detrimental for his band

+ FYI it was my intention to donate after the festival for a number of reasons…

[ which we shall outline in our PR statement. this we shall post on our own website]

…the main one being that this festival would go ahead… given that the last years was called off, initially

and that this year I would donation a percentage of the weekends takings nett of VAT

[ both you and pete sat around my table with free beers discussing a plan B

for the festival to be reinstated… only then to drop the O.C.I.]

+ the way you’s handle last years donation collection woeful… you would have received more after the event!!

+ there was other way that the OCI could have helped e.g we would have placed a BPF collection box as in previous years

em did see one appear this time

anyway, enough said. I’ve now donated, please send my sticker and receipt from last year

an then perhaps build on the badly handled and bad feelings generated

regards .roly