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Webpage ReVision 19 April 2022

Our Take-A-Way is now open
Why not stop by to pick up some Fresh Baked Scones By LesleyJane
Fruit Plain & Flavoured some Boozy Infused with gin Rum Brandy baked Baking Shop


The Photo above is of LesleyJanes Pie Pastry & Scone Tea & Coffee Shop
Cream Teas & Coffee Shop her famous sausage rolls Traditional, Bramley-apple & Indian Spiced
At The Old Coaching Inn Brixham TQ5 8AG

On some days... there is as many as 12 different flavours of HOMEMADE scones
2 favs of mine are, Pina Colada, Winter Spice [ both with some booze in-them too,] YUM

Pre Order Bulk... buy wholesale options are available on Pies Sausages Rolls & Scones
Please keep an eye-out for any changes HERE on this and other webpages for new news :)
plus a list of pre order wholesale products and prices

And for families the Old kitchen is the best place to feed, refresh the mama’s & papa’s + kidz is the

One can take tea in the Front Parlour This December 2021 Yes, we are opening for Christmas

LesleyJanes Pie Pastry & Scone Shop Cream Teas & Coffee Shop At The Old Coaching Inn Brixham TQ5 8AG Liqueur coffee’s according to Wikipedia