Alcoholic Delights at Roly's Cafe Bar & Off Sales

ReVision Date 8 May 2023

Hello and welcome to our ever changing website...
and just a request... to bear with us as we try to bring more WOW to this site

Local Real Devon Real Ales... Mainly Dartmoor Brewery's:- IPA Best & Jail Ales
Devon Ciders... Sandford Orchards on draft:- Rib Tickler & Hunts Andsome Bay
Devon Lagers: Otter Brewery's Tarka 4. Bays Brewery: Rock & Cove

World Lagers: Corona On Draft
Guinness On Draft
[ there is no other way to pour and drink this fabulous product. Looked after by an Irishman, Roly, that's me]

International Wines & Spirits.

We sell many drinks / brands here... with an ever changing range of products – Lagers, Ciders, Real Ale

and Guinness is just like it is in Dublin, Belfast or anywhere in the Emerald Isle – neither to warm nor ice-cold, just perfect!

NOW! what's NEW NEW NEW? is this... Tarka Four lager voted a a SEBA Gold Prize Winner Award


Enjoy a Tarka Four Lager

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