Food & Space For Parties Christenings
Bar-Mitzvah Weddings Wakes... You Name It

Revision 30aug21

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Parties Christenings Weddings Bar Mitzvahs [ we've-not-been asked for 1 just yet, but yeah why-not]
We are open to all religious denominations

and unfortunately
Wakes / Funerals catered for... they can be reflective somber and happy
We here can facilitate a full buffet service, or light refreshments Tea Coffee and nice Biscuits, scones and cake
We are fully licenced and have a fairly extensive range of Ales Ciders Lagers Wine & Spirits and a whole bunch of Liqueurs
that we make Cocktails with or add in your Tea Coffee and not to mention Hot Chocolate with a splash Rum, woo wee, yum

or a more in-depth buffet... with Pies, Sandwiches, hot Soup and Chips/ fries too

ReVision 30th Aug 2021