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Millie & Me Book Buddies Millie And me book Buddies
meet here roughly every third Tuesday of the month [ but due to holidays]
The next meeting of the Millie and me book buddies... will be on the 13th February, from 7pm onwards

Local Labour party meetings happen here in the Old Kitchen
Contact or
for the next one on the 13th February at around 7pm if you'd like to join in
Please note: All political parties and religions are welcome here... just no fighting that's all ahahaha

Brixham Future CIC
meet here every other month in the Old Kitchen
plus hold their annual AGM in the A.V.Lounge
with seating for 50 people
and the use of Computer to run, say, a Power-Point-Presentations via the 8' / 2.4m [ w + h] white front projection screen     

have by monthly meetings here at the O.C.I. in the Parlour... with a warm fire, Tea Coffee & Biscuits
Due to current obligations, there is a slight change to the normal fortnightly meetings. Please see the below poster

Brixham good Companions

they meet here every first Friday of the month in the AVLounge at the OCI Brixham TQ5 8AG

This is an opportunity for local people to meet with other people from the local community and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, companionship and an interesting speaker.
During the months of April, May, June, September, October and November we have coach trips and a Christmas Party every year at Hotel Templestowe.

You will always be welcomed to our very active group so please do join us.


Torbay Bravo help and Hope Groups were formed directly as a result of the closure of various statutory and voluntary services closing in south Devon. The main closures affecting the mental health community were : 1. The Cool House ( a local private independent mental health charity ) 2. Waverly ( Torquay), and Culverhay ( Paignton), community mental Health centres. There was subsequently very few places in the local community people with a diagnosis of serious mental illness could go to just “chill out”. The mental health community were fully aware that at the base of the majority of our illness was the lack of self worth, low self-esteem, very little or no self- confidence, very small or no social networks, and most of us were on benefits and in accommodation that was not conducive to improving our sense of well-being! Indeed, the greatest challenge we face is looking after ourselves, so budgeting, cooking, transport costs, the adverse side effects of medication we were used to taking . Most of us were unemployed, and some were viewed as “unemployable” in the current configuration of our employment system , and current work environments!

The idea behind the peer/ social support groups is to share our skills and experiences to help each other, in a protected and safe environment, while working towards a more hopeful and positive future for all of us. We are equal human beings who can work and socialise collaboratively, while there may be a facilitator present. Also the venue and locations for small group meetings are in Torbay, to promote and celebrate the beauty and history of the Bay, and to meet at differing and different venues. Everyone needs help some time, unfortunately, we, in the mental health community seem to lack some of the resilience to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. We aim to promote a positive view and image of the mental health community, and show the mainstream community the “people behind the labels”. We aim to help each other and give hope to each other, since fear dominates so many lives, and hope is the one emotion that is stronger than fear. We look towards feeling and being part of one community where Hope is always present and a real quality to our lives is always probable. Ron sewhcomar . Co-ordinator.