Hot Drinks Ideas & Menus

ReVision Date 21st May 2023

Hot Drinks Menu

From speciality teas to premium coffees... from our Espresso Machine
and we are able to deliver and meet ever-changing discerning palate and quest for different flavours

Oh, and have i mentioned our fantastic Hot Chocolates...
...straight up as they are... or with all in the trimmings?!
And for a naughty hot chocolate... have you tried it with a dash of RUM in-it?!

Hot Drinks Menu At The Old Coaching Inn Brixham... serving everything for Cappuccino, Latte's, Mocca's

Special Teas - Earl Grey • Darjeeling • Green Tea... more to follow shortly, + loose leaf tea  

To flavoured hot drinks such as - Echinacea • Strawberry & Raspberry • Blackcurrant & Blueberry • Fruits Selection • Green Tea •

To Barley Cup [ made from Barley, and with no caffeine]  

Hot Ribena to Hot Toddies made with, Irish Whisky • Lemon with whole Cloves • Brown sugar & hot water

Hot Bovril with Jacobs cream crackers and butter, awh, yum