LWC Returnyourbeer Dispute

LWC Licence Wholesale Company - page ReVision Date 01 Oct 2020


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I’m sorry but I’m not going to let this return-your-beer debacle lie…

particularly as I have a claim against LWC through you and your office

and I’m not going to let you get away by using the general LWC email 4th June 20

which actually implicates you and LWC as there are 2 options listed

These options (option 2) in the 4th June 20 email are the type that I have followed

When you see the cross referencing [ below and via this HTML link] that I have prepared…

and you can view this for ease of all to follow https://theoldcoachinginnbrixham.uk/?lwc-returnyourbeer-dispute

snipping image the returnyourbeer.com site screen shots contradicting the bad advice from you and your office/ LWC [ only on beer]


I provided you with a list of my cellar stock when you asked for it

you said that you would inform the office on their return and that they would deal with the claim

it states clearly on the general email 4th June 20 email. Option 2 is was fine for me

and as I had already submitted my list to-you. I had nothing further to do until being contacted by your office

but now find myself pawing over old ground to have to prove a point

Please read the below… and should you or your colleagues have any difficulty with any of the blow

please let me know by return and I shall do my upmost to clarify to my best ability

I received from you on the 20/04/2020 10:35

It’s Steve from LWC Drinks. Hope all is well with you and your family during this time and that you have been able to apply for the govt grants successfully.

I am just checking if you have any kegs supplied by LWC that will need collecting and crediting once we are able to start working and operating again.

Someone may have already contacted you from LWC for this but if not if you could let me know that would be great, so we can arrange to collect and get credited for you as soon as we are able to get back to work.

I replied to you Mon 20/04/2020 11:55
hi hello Steve [ yeah, nuts [ instead of not-so bad] and trust you are well too]

Yeah, one of the girls called me some 2 weeks ago, flip, can’t remember which one

they did say that they would call back that following Friday, nop, must-of forgot little old me

I figured that an email would be coming my way in your time frame

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. I can find and produce my BT call logs if required?!


Please can you clarify if it’s just unopened stock? In this case _ere at the mo, it’s Kegs, BIB stock

[ I think the Wine, Spirits are fine… and had been keeping my cellar stock pretty low too
as my crystal ball is broken and just coming out from Brexit]

Please advise re only full. Or are opened considered too?

regards .roly

I received form you on the 20/04/2020 12:38

Hi Roly,

Good to hear you’re well.

At the moment it is just unopened kegs for beer and lager. Cider should still be okay for a number of months.

As soon as we are able to open and work again the depot will be in contact to arrange collection.

If you could let me know any kegs in the meantime I will forward on so they have the info for as soon as they reopen.

Please also let me know any part used kegs as well and I will also forward so that they know what to collect and also if they are able to do anything with part kegs they can let you know.

I replied to you Mon 27/04/2020 12:39

hi Steve

pls c below the list of products.
















Just and note and FYI that, ST Austell are collecting both open and non-opened stock!

I think if their suppliers are backing them up, why aren’t ABInBev?!! backing you?! or, is it a LWC thing? / policy

I can understand Sandford struggling to-do-so, not ABInBev

regards .roly

over to you guys

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. at no point did you or a member of LWC contact me to say that

there has been a change of plan to make a claim… and that MUST be submitted via the returnyourbeer.com portal

Then I sent to you on the 17/07/2020 13:18

just an update re our hotel implementation and a request for a Blackthorn cider price

Missing text pls see the remainder in this general chit chat. I can if required provide a copy on request

Then nothing from you until 17/07/2020 15:26

you sent general information reopening and about deliveries plus pricing and

“Good news re your rooms and move towards becoming a Hotel sounds like a smart move.”

I sent you an email on Fri 11/09/2020 15:13

RE: returnyourbeer

Steve hi

opps we might have a wee bit of a problem brewing here! [ sorry about the pun]

wondering if you can tell-me whether LWC actually went for-the Un-broached keg option ONLY

regards .roly

You sent this to me [ cc’ed Tracey 11/09/2020 15:59

Hi Roly,

Hope you are well. All requests for credit for lockdown kegs have to go via https://www.returnyourbeer.co.uk/ The brand owners then agree any credit and send through to your nominated supplier. LWC are not able to credit without authorisation from return your beer.

NB: it was just before this that I spoke to Tracey at your office when I felt that something was up
initially and country to the ambiguous email from LWC on the 4th June [ providing me with 2 options contained in that email~!!]

I had no need to worry as I already had a call from your office asking me what stock I had left
+ I sent an email to you telling you what stock I had. You said you’ll forward this to the office. [ as per text above]
So the office now [should] have a copy of my un-&-broached keg [ & BIB stock inc of cider should this change]
and that your office would contact me on their return… just as you said. But they didn’t

I then sent an email to you 11/09/2020 17:00
Hi Steve, not-so-bad and yourself? well rested I’m sure.

Caw have been working on this place since then… and hoping to hit Hotel status at the start of next season


I foned your office and they said that this option is now closed to me!

and there is some controversy in the email [ Latest Information On Kegged Beer from LWC] sent to me on the Thursday 04/06/20

and was also in conversation with Frank from Diageo today

[ after sending messages to kegdestruction@diageo.com] asking them

are they still receiving requests to consider returns… they eventually got back to me today
today and advised that I should fill in their online forms inc of required fotos and data

[ whether I get rejected or not doesn’t seem to bother them as they have done their bit!!]

but in a conversation… Frank did say / confirmed, that indeed there wasn’t much that he could do now at this stage

as they have closed the facility in which to claim, tho the web links are still working, as some are still accepting requests until 30sept20

I have now filled in the info at Diageo but I’m not hopeful. Why tell me to do something when I’m wasting my time

or fill in the detail when there’s no hope in hell?!!

Perhaps I have missed the reminder email from LWC to hurry and get your info in before the closing date of __ __ 20

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. I didn’t need to as you already had receipt of my list]

So wondering, what do I do? if your office says it’s closed and as LWC are not listed at


coupled with that… Budweiser is the only brand on there, no LWC. Perhaps Budweiser is head brand for

I didn’t know this until we met last

and in the 4th June email it says [ “Rather than register under multiple brewers, if customers register LWC Drinks as their route to market/supplier"]

you guys weren’t even listed!!

Stella Bass Sandford Orchards Devon Mist, BIB Scrumpy + Red… all brands I buy from you guys

and are sitting half full in my cellar

I also mentioned that when chatting to your office, that, Southwest Water… have now closed the facility

in which you were allowed to pour beverages into the sewer/ drain

so I would not have the required authority thus braking some laws as listed on the returns webpage

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. Were you collection empty or full kegs?!

Then I sent this to you 11/09/2020 17:35

ah Steve

I forgot to mention that my submission to Diageo

I provided purchased and invoice numbers from LWC

You replied 11/09/2020 18:08

Hi Roly,

Probably easiest if I can visit and we can discuss. Are you around on Monday or Tuesday next week

You like Tracey, knew at this stage that Budweiser had closed its portal… why let me continue?!

Then I sent this to you 12/09/2020 11:18

In-short and part of what I said to you

…well that does sound positive… but are coming to let me down gently me-wonders?!
if the answer is yes?! let’s stick to text perhaps

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. why did you bother?!

was-it just to tick a box that you got a sales-call-in while you were shoving in the boot for your mistakes?

and to see if you were in the clear] I’m getting pretty p-ed of at this stage reading this now!!

Then I sent this to you 17/09/2020 09:56

Steve … just wondering

after our onsite discussion re my late submission [ predicament]

I asked. could, would LWC be able to help with something?!

You loosely mentioned at the start, that you/ LWC might-be-able to help in some way

tho I was a little less optimistic at the end of the meeting!

Do you think LWC might be able to help me when I reopen December?

[ additional text Thursday 01/10/20. this the above email was sent as you did say at the start

that you may be able to help out… then during to the end of the meeting and realising that you had a way out

re the 4th June 20 email. You became a-lot-more-hardnosed [ also as per below email]

I considered going to get my laptop during the meeting… but your head was moving-on, had left the building

and realising that you’d got away with the your blunder… metaphorically clicking your heels as you left the building

satisfied that you were of-the-hook and perhaps had pulled 1 over on me

Then I you sent this to me 29/09/2020 15:59

As we discussed all returns for credit had to be done and approved via the return my beer website otherwise credits could not be authorised by brand owners.

I did say that due to above we are not able to credit as we won’t be able to apply for credit ourselves to brand owners now due to length of time but that once you reopen and begin trading I would arrange a keg free of charge to help towards.

Please let me know once you reopen.

Option 2: LWC Drinks has agreements in place with all major brewers, our own fleet of tail lift vehicles with 2 man Crew with PPE.

This means that we can pick up and credit in full for all major brewer’s un-broached kegs collected.

LWC credits can also be used against your trade account or be taken off your opening order.

If you’ve not already given us the details of Kegs in your cellar then please contact your local depot to arrange uplifts.


A new website geared towards helping customers register their kegs and claim credit for all beer destruction.

Returnyourbeer.com is a platform in which kegs for all major brewers (excluding Diageo) can be registered in order to claim credit back.

This is where LWC Drinks can help you! Rather than register under multiple brewers, if customers register LWC Drinks as their route to market/supplier, LWC Drinks will provide full credit for all unsaleable kegs. We will also collect empty kegs from site and deliver a fresh supply as and when required.

What this will credit (For all Keg Stock out of Date, Excl Casks)

  • Full credit/replacement for full and un-broached kegs
  • Duty on part-full kegs where accurate record of volume is included This is the service that St Austell are providing
  • No credit or duty on part-full casks given the difficulty in proving non-adulteration – outlets can either destroy in cellar or return on dray

Roly said on Thursday 01oct20 and to sum up

the Diageo stock is taken care-off through you at LWC as you were nominated by me to be the RTM

The keg of Bass Smooth shall be returned to St Austell

strangely I’d bought it from-them… were I normally buy all ABinBev products from LWC

ah, this could have been around the time LWC were changing delivery strategy!! and StA’s were suppling something else at the time

What I am asking from LWC is, to replace with full kegs, 1 of each. Stella, Budweiser, S.O. DevonMist 1 BIB Devon Scrumpy

Should LWC agree to this gesture to compensate TOCIB.UK for this disagreeable debacle of your making

and the time now spent backtracking and compiling this argument

I shall accept this as settlement in full… and we can continue to trade as before

The business relationship between you LWC & TOCIB.UK hangs on your participation in signing off my request

I have carried out the tasks asked-of-me from Steve Hanson [ On Behalf Of LWC] then to tell me I’m not eligible

Just to recap on the 4th June email for [ i assume head-office] provided me with 2 options, I choose option 2 as per above

please advise regards .roly