Musical Instruments - InHouse & ReQuired

We have bought an in-house guitar, an

Epiphone AJ-220SCE Electro Acoustic Guitar – Natural

for anyone who can play or is wanting to jam or premiere!

So we now have an

Upright Piano
1 music stand
3 mics
2 mic boom stands
A bunch of leads
A little PA with 4 plug-ins XLR or 6.35mm jack

I hope to build on the range of in-house session instruments

We are looking for

Used or new
electric piano keyboard

Tambourines - Maracas - Triangle small and large - Xylophone -
and anything else instrument-wise, flutes penny whistles Recorders

Later on we hope to have an inhouse
PA / powered sound desk or a pre amp sound desk

Page update 01 February 2020