Opening Times at the OCI Brixham TQ5 8AG

Page Update 21 Dec 2021

Dear customer, hi hello and welcome to our page

We have decided to reopen for the 2021 Christmas period

Opening times This Week. 10am to 4pm

Freshly Baked Scones each day... the staples being:- Sultana & Plain

Occasional Range 2 to 3 different verities each day
a light food menu

Freshly Baked Scones
Chocolate Caramel Toffee Chunks [ Ooh what a combination]

Bramley Apple with Ginger Beer

Bramley Apple with Ginger Beer with a Ginger & Orange Jam Crown

Plain & Sultana yey

Mature Cheddar Cheese with Cress Cracked Black Pepper & Sea-Salt
Sultana… Traditional Simple and tasty
But-Why-Not? Smoother Them in Langage Devon Clotted Cream
We also sell Langage Farm Fresh & Frozen Devon Clotted Cream

Hot & Cold Beverages We-are fully Licenced... so that also mean

Boozy Tea & coffees  

Please be aware that we are unable to provide you with a fully loaded bar, due to our limited service

Please enquire at:
Roly on 07785 577 822 Lesley on 07824 902 700 Landline 01803 852 000

Freshly baked. Please Remember... One should never have to re-heat Scones!

Langage Farm have successfully mastered how to freeze clotted cream
Normally trying to freeze Clotted Cream doesn’t work out well
If you try to freeze almost any clotted cream
it turns out resembling Cottage cheese, plus, lumpy, watery and tasteless
not not a very nice texture

We sell Langage Farms Devon County clotted Cream  Fresh & Frozen

Pack sizes Fresh Devon Clotted - 57g 95p    113g 1.45   200g 2.45

Pack sizes Frozen Devon Clotted - 57g 95p  113g 1.55   227g 2.65

Please email for further info or to arrange a delivery

of fresh scones & Langage farm Devon clotted Cream