Welcome to our page: Sports On The Big Screen [ page update 9th April 2019]

Sports fixtures HERE on the big screen for 2019 Sadly the Six Nations rugby is over with the Welsh picking up the silverware... they played really well,
congratulations and good luck for the next Six Nations 2020   

of-course me being Irish i was rooting for Ireland [ felt that they could have done better] but, hay-ho     

Bar! the Brixham #Rugby #Club
we here have the biggest projector screen functioning...
for all kinds of sports, films and entertainment in Brixham Town at present

But because we haven't yet got the money [ boohoo] to pay for or
we are unable at this time to show any sports via a paid subscription
There are other venues around #Brixham #Town that are and do host these events on screen. A list is to follow soon.

However, we can, are, and do... show sports on terrestrial TV via our big [ projector] screen... and we have 2 different rooms to do so inn   

FOOD/ BAR SNACKS AVAILABLE for sports events on the telly  

Full 2019/20 fixture details including local and GMT kick off times shall appear here.

If in doubt please giv-us-a-buzz 01803 852 000

or send us a message via Facebook The Old Coaching Inn Brixham Torbay Devon UK TQ5 8AG or