Welcome to The Parlour at The Old Coaching Inn Brixham

The Parlour is a spacious lounge where you can sit and chat away from the busy bar in a more intimate setting.

Plenty of comfortable seating as well as dining tables, even a real acoustic piano to set the scene.

The piano is there for all to play... and we here plan to have mini recitals - to lounge music, ah, to-pop-too, why not?!
A good friend of the Inn Andy Clarke can play all-sorts of popular tunes +
A good friend of the Inn and part-time crew member Raymond, [ who alsort is responsible for this FAB website
he is also classically trained... and boy can he knock-out-a-few classics, nay, classical pieces, enough to get/ take you
waltzing around the room  

The Top 10 + great composers

[ please use the piano responsibly... and consider other users of the The Parlour most of all please enjoy].

This Lady [ not one of our crew] but a customer chilling-out and looking relaxed
partaking of a glass of something that may lead-to-smiles later on LoL:)


The Front Parlour... Just the ideal place for a snack with one of Lesley-Jane's homemade Pork & Apple Sausage-roll
with a pint of Otter Ale and a Redleg rum on the side
#Otter http://redlegrum.com/red-leg-rum/ @RedLegRum